Terms and conditions

  1. Site Information

1.1. Web portal https://ecopack.shop represents a privately owned portal, named throughout these terms and conditions https://ecopack.shop

1.2. Web portal https://ecopack.shop it will be able to be accessed internationally, without discrimination of any kind being allowed.

  1. Intellectual Property

2.1 The content and design of the web page, including its design and user experience as well as the databases accessible through or, are personal property and are protected by the legislation in force regarding copyright and related rights. In the case of information and content posted by registered users or third parties or partners on the site, the copyright and responsibility for them belong entirely to those who published that information. In the case of content taken from partners based on concluded agreements, they are identified by mentioning the name of the partner next to the respective text or image.

2.2 Certain sections of the web page organized by https://ecopack.shop contain information made available to the users of the web page through a free, non-exclusive and unlimited license in time and space. The aforementioned license also includes the right https://ecopack.shop to sublicense the said content free of charge to third parties with whom it has contractual relations. Copyright on works uploaded by users remains with them, https://ecopack.shop acting only as a free host of that information.

2.3. Except for the specific content set out in Section 2.2, where the terms of those licenses apply, you may use the content https://ecopack.shop for your personal use only, and the actions described below are not permitted without prior written permission from https://ecopack.shop

  1. removing the signs that identify the copyright of https://ecopack.shop on the content;
  2. modifying, publishing, transmitting, retransmitting in any way or form, as well as participating in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the content, without obtaining prior written permission from us;
  3. reproducing or storing the content, as well as sending this content to any other website, server or any other means of information storage, if the purpose of this activity is commercial.

2.4. Any use of the content is prohibited https://ecopack.shop for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document or by applicable law. Requests to use the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document can be sent to the email address: contact@urspack.com

2.5. in terms of which you consider certain content on the site https://ecopack.shop violates your intellectual property rights, right to privacy, publicity or other personal rights, please send an email to contact@urspack.com with infringed rights, to allow administrators https://ecopack.shop to act in accordance with the legal provisions.

2.6 Users of the web page understand that they are responsible for any content published by them on the platform provided by https://ecopack.shop , and that they are the only ones who can be held responsible by the competent authorities for violating any normative act, regardless of whether we are talking about the published comments, the works uploaded on the platform https://ecopack.shop or any other type of content.

  1. Suspension of access

https://ecopack.shop may, without any other notification or formality and without this requiring an explanation of its attitude, suspend or block your access to the content of the web page or to a part of this content.

  1. Changes to the web page

https://ecopack.shop reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or delete portions of its content at any time. Also, https://ecopack.shop reserves the right to restrict user access to part or all of its content.

  1. Registration, Passwords and Responsibilities

5.1. Your access to the Newsletter service or some facilities within the web page, requires your registration with a username and password. We recommend that you do not disclose this password to anyone. https://ecopack.shop will never ask for your account password in email or phone messages.

5.2. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. consequently, despite our efforts to protect your personal information, https://ecopack.shop cannot ensure or guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us, to and from our online services. We therefore warn you that any information sent to us will be done at your own risk.

  1. Private life

6.1 General information

https://ecopack.shop respects your privacy and the personal data you share with us when accessing this web page. This information is to inform you about what type of personally identifiable information is collected from you, how and where we may use this information, how we understand to protect the information collected from you, who has access to the information collected from you and how inaccuracies in the information collected can be corrected over time.

6.2. How we protect the information we collect from you.

The privacy and protection of information collected from you is of vital importance to us. https://ecopack.shop does not provide the collected information to third parties without your express and prior consent. Any traffic statistics of our users that we provide to third-party advertising networks or partner sites are provided as aggregate data only and do not include any personally identifiable information about any individual user.

Your access to certain services and information within the Application is protected by a password.

When we receive the information sent by you, we guarantee that we will make every effort to ensure its security in our systems, according to the security standards imposed by the legislation in force.

6.4. Who has access to the information collected from you

https://ecopack.shop will not disclose any personally identifiable information about its users to third parties without first receiving the users' express consent in this regard.

At the same time, however, https://ecopack.shop may disclose personally identifiable information when the law expressly provides for this, when it is required by a competent authority or when this is necessary to protect rights and interests https://ecopack.shop

In conclusion, when you access the website and are asked to disclose information about yourself to us, you will only disclose this information to the website https://ecopack.shop , unless that service or information is offered in partnership with another site or service.

However, each time such a service is provided in partnership with another site, you will be informed of this. In order to provide you with the highest standards of service, it is necessary to share your personal information with the partner site or service. if you do not want this data of yours to be shared, you can act accordingly by disallowing the transfer of data by not using that particular service.

If you choose to accept data sharing, you must understand that partner service providers may have separate privacy and data collection practices. https://ecopack.shop has no control over and cannot guarantee all legal aspects involved in the use of these independent privacy practices.

6.5. Unsolicited commercial messages

https://ecopack.shop is against sending unsolicited commercial messages for which it does not have the explicit consent of the user. (spam). https://ecopack.shop will give you the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter with news from the site, by simply entering your email. It will, however, have to be confirmed by clicking on a link sent to the respective address (double opt-in). You will also have the possibility to subscribe at any time from this newsletter, both through a link in each e-mail sent. For any technical issues related to commercial messages sent by https://ecopack.shop please send an email to contact@urspack.com and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

  1. Advertising and content provided by other parties

Certain parts of the content published on https://ecopack.shop can be provided by third parties with whom https://ecopack.shop has contractual relations in this sense. Also, advertising sections may be included within the content of the web page in which advertising messages from third parties will be displayed. https://ecopack.shop is not responsible in any way for the content provided by third parties, regardless of whether it is advertising or not. Also, https://ecopack.shop is not responsible for the content of external pages linked from within.

  1. Content provided by Specialist Authors

To complete the approach of informing and supporting the community, https://ecopack.shop can host specialized content, published in the form of articles, guides or tutorials, in the "How to" section as well as in the other specialized sections of the web page.

  1. Approving comments

https://ecopack.shop reserves the right to disapprove or disable (without subsequent possibility for users to reactivate) those information or comments submitted for publication or published that contravene the terms and conditions of use, that are outside the subject of the main article or that consider, unilaterally, to be illegal, discriminatory, insulting, inappropriate or harmful, in any form, to your own image, partners or third parties.

The user is solely responsible for the content of messages submitted for publication. For this, you should know that the posting or transmission of communications or information through the communication platforms made available by https://ecopack.shop is subject to these Terms and Conditions and the information may not appear on the platform https://ecopack.shop , if they are not approved.

The user must also understand that he cannot publish, transmit or refer to the users or members of the web page any kind of unsolicited commercial message, messages with confidential information, messages containing viruses or any other code sequences that prove to be destructive or which may interrupt, eliminate or limit the functionality of the web page, "pyramid game" type messages or any other activity intended to deceive the trust of other people as well as any messages containing illegal, immoral, abusive, threatening, abusive, indecent, that infringes in any way the right of intellectual property or other rights that a third party may have.

  1. Modification of these Terms and Conditions

https://ecopack.shop reserves the right to change these terms, modifying the version and date of adoption of the new regulation without the fulfillment of other formalities. When these terms change, https://ecopack.shop will be able to notify you via e-mail or through a message in your user account al https://ecopack.shop and by publishing on the first page of the site, a link that refers to the new form of this document. Accessing the site, your user account and using our services after the notification or the display of the link regarding the changes on the front page of the site implies that you have agreed to the new terms.

  1. Governing Law

The rights and obligations of the parties, imposed by these terms and conditions, as well as all the legal effects that this agreement produces, will be interpreted and governed by Romanian law in force. Any dispute that has the object of this agreement will be brought to settlement by the agreement between the parties, in case the parties cannot agree, the competence will return to the Romanian courts.​